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David Kahle, President

From an early age, David grew up working in, and learning every facet of Kahle Carpet Co. After completing an accounting education, he was trained in business administration, working closely with company leadership. Upon his father, Marvin’s illness in 1983, David took over day-to-day executive duties of the company– a responsibility he has held since.

During David’s 40+ year executive tenure, he has overseen the expansion, specialization and diversification of his family’s company. Under David’s direction, Kahle Carpet Co expanded into 3 states, moved corporate headquarters to Florida, and shifted business models from retailer to wholesale supplier.

Upon the shift to distribution, David pioneered the company’s turnkey supply chain – a source of strength for the company today and value to its clients. Under the guise of this supply chain, David setup buying relationships directly with building material manufacturers, allowing the company to supply and install factory direct materials to new home builders in Tampa Bay. By acting as distributor, contractor and designer to its clients, Kahle Carpet Co emerged as an early-day, turnkey trade partner to the area’s construction industry – a model that has since become standard.

Today, David oversees the executive and administrative duties of the business, leveraging his 40+ years of experience to guide the family company into its next generation of success.

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